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Carlos Filipe


I started photographing in 2009 out of mere curiosity…simple objects…banal situations. I myself was my first model in a series of self-portraits, because, in addition to not having candidates, what I wanted to exhibit could not be done by anyone else since they were my situations. Fears, disappointments and desires that were mine alone.

Little by little I started to portray the others…focusing on the looks, on what was in their soul…and I started to put together a set of images that portrayed someone and at the same time portrayed situations common to many people who saw them in the exhibitions I did .

My path has always been based on experimentation.

Experiment with new techniques for portraying and exposing things not visible to the naked eye. Over the years I managed to record in images the girl whose parents divorced and made her feel naked, the beautiful girl whose boyfriend made her feel like a princess but who abused her when they were alone in the castle, the man who saw her life disappearing in every cigarette I smoked… that was how I immortalized ghosts and fears that were private and, at the same time, common to many people. I was never able to trace a style, a trend… I bounced from colors to black and white, from happy eyes to martyred bodies, from sporadic happiness to endless despair.

Over the years I have been gathering people, moments, fears, agonies, joys and curiosities in a box.

I decided to stop for a few years and travel around the world. I met new people, lived new experiences, became disillusioned, fell in love, suffered and recharged my batteries for new portraits.

I ended my hiatus when I thought I had more material to build. I started over from scratch… freezing happy images, immortalizing simple moments like births, walks with my dog ??and little by little I opened the box again to restart my journey of rebirth. I started with simple things: simple, innocent looks… merely illustrative poses and little by little I let flow what had fallen asleep inside me over the years: the monsters that we all have kept inside and that sometimes wake up; the desire we feel to put on gas masks that insulate us from the rest of the world; the plastics that protect us from what we don't want to touch us…

I found my market when I started photographing animals to raise money for Animal Defense Associations and that's when I decided to specialize in this aspect. I opened my studio in 2019 and that same year I launched my photography book “Amigos (Im)Perfeitos” which relaunches the discussion on the theme of perfection and imperfection. The book also gave rise to an exhibition that toured some locations and showed the public the beauty of photography of imperfect animals.

Currently I receive stray animals that I photograph to encourage their adoption while I offer those who seek me out the possibility of having memories of their best friends since they are also part of the family.


Carlos Filipe