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Roberto Jiménez 0

Roberto Jiménez


Feli, my wife and I make up Roberto Jiménez Photographer's team, we are dedicated to capturing emotions in all stages of life, we tell stories, we are guardians of memories and emotions, we have been in this adventure for more than 27 years and we are lucky having been able to photograph thousands of people at different events.   

For me photography is the language of emotions detained in time. Images that tell you stories, convey feelings to you. I am dedicated to something as beautiful as freezing emotions so that you always have the most important moments in life.

I love finding the perfect light to frame all these emotions through my camera. The nerves of a couple, the laughter ... and yes sometimes, the tears. I love having in my arms, the most precious thing for parents that is their newborn and being able to transmit the tenderness and happiness of that moment.